Booking Chalet Mounier 2 Alpes
Booking Chalet Mounier 2 AlpesBooking

A star shines in Les 2 Alpes

at the restaurant Le P’tit Polyte

  • Restaurant Chalet Mouliner P'tit Polyte 2 Alpes
  • Restaurant Chalet Mouliner P'tit Polyte 2 Alpes
  • Restaurant Chalet Mouliner P'tit Polyte 2 Alpes
  • Restaurant Chalet Mouliner P'tit Polyte 2 Alpes

The name of the gourmet restaurant at Le Chalet Mounier, "Le P'tit Polyte’’, pays homage to the grandfather of Alban Mounier (the current owner), and is also a nod to the childhood nickname of his father Robert. It corresponds perfectly to the warm welcoming atmosphere of the intimate dining room, furnished in a typical mountain style with light wooden furniture, red velvets, elegant objects and full of special memories. As for the food, Le P'tit Polyte rises to the heights of the Les 2 Alpes peaks, and invites you to set out on a gourmet adventure unlike any other. Our chef serves an inventive, ambitious cuisine made from fresh produce, some local, some from further afield, achieving a perfect blend of flavours.

Open Tuesday to Saturday evenings from 7.45 to 9 pm - Booking recommended.

Chef Mathew Hegarty

A refined gourmet cuisine

Recruited in 2012 by Alban Mounier, Chef Mathew Hegarty quickly showed his talent by earning a Michelin star, once again, for Le P'tit Polyte. After winning a cooking competition in Australia, Mathew Hegarty was offered a grant to continue training in Europe. In France, he perfected his skills at the two Michelin-starred L'Amphitryon in Colomiers, under Chef Yannick Delpech, then at the Michelin-starred Le Belvédère in Porto-Vecchio. In Les 2 Alpes, he quickly became sous-chef, then head chef at Le P'tit Polyte. Since then, he has been delighting guests with his imaginative recipes that achieve the perfect marriage of flavour and texture: lobster claws with pineapple chutney, black curry and a green curry sauce; Iberian pork pluma, peas, rillettes ravioli, eringi mushrooms; Smoked Arctic char and "délicatesse" potatoes... 

Nos offres spéciales
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