Booking Chalet Mounier 2 Alpes
Booking Chalet Mounier 2 AlpesBooking

A star shines in Les 2 Alpes

at the restaurant Le P’tit Polyte

  • Restaurant Chalet Mouliner P'tit Polyte 2 Alpes
  • Restaurant Chalet Mouliner P'tit Polyte 2 Alpes
  • Restaurant Chalet Mouliner P'tit Polyte 2 Alpes
  • Restaurant Chalet Mouliner P'tit Polyte 2 Alpes

The name of the gourmet restaurant at Le Chalet Mounier, "Le P'tit Polyte’’, pays homage to the grandfather of Alban Mounier (the current owner), and is also a nod to the childhood nickname of his father Robert. It corresponds perfectly to the warm welcoming atmosphere of the intimate dining room, furnished in a typical mountain style with light wooden furniture, red velvets, elegant objects and full of special memories. As for the food, Le P'tit Polyte rises to the heights of the Les 2 Alpes peaks, and invites you to set out on a gourmet adventure unlike any other. Our chef serves an inventive, ambitious cuisine made from fresh produce, some local, some from further afield, achieving a perfect blend of flavours.

Open Tuesday to Saturday evenings from 7.45 to 9 pm - Booking recommended.

Chefs Guillaume Barengo & Juan Leiro

A duo at the top ... of 2 Alpes!

Welcome to Chef Guillaume Barengo !
This self-taught chef trained with some of the greatest names in French cuisine, starting his training at Lucas Carton with Jérôme Banctel, then honing his skills with Christian Lesquer, François Adamski, Gilles Goujon and Patrick Bertron before becoming assistant chef to Éric pras (Lameloise).
Through hard work and self-sacrifice, Guillaume has passionately risen to the top of French gastronomy.
Accompanied by Juan Leiro, our pastry chef, who has also trained with some of the best, he will put all his art into delighting you at the various tables of Chalet MOUNIER !

Nos offres spéciales
starting from 665 € / pers for 3 nights
starting from 661 € / pers for 3 nights
"Séjour Dégustation de vins" du 3 au 19 juillet 2020
A partir de 450 €/pers/ 3 nuits en DP
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