Winter season 2015-2016, opening of the hotel from 12 december to 28 april 2016

The highest star in the Isère!

The highest star-awarded restaurant in the Isère is perched here at an altitude of 1,650m. To catch it... let yourself be guided by the staff of “Le P’tit Polyte”, an affectionate allusion to grandfather, whose name was Hippolyte. In a decor of light wood, red velvet, refined furnishings and touching memories, a delectable interlude you’ll wish would never end! Whether it’s the gourmet restaurant “Le P’tit Polyte” or the hotel restaurant, flavours and dining delights are on the menu. In an atmosphere in which our guests feel perfectly relaxed, Alban Mounier oversees the decoration of the two dining rooms. In summer, the “Garden” menu is served at the poolside.


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Tasting Menu at 95 €

Sea Bed
venus clams, octopus carpaccio,
parsley sponge, garlic cream
Pan seared Foie Gras
hibiscus tea, roast quince, pulled duck ravioli
Smoked ''Omble Chevalier'' fish
Pigeon from the Drôme
truffled pepinettes and enokiis
Australian Wagyu Beef
oyster cromesquis,
watermelon radish with soja, black garrlic
cider and Tonka beans
Exotic sweetness
Piña Colada emulsion

Suggestion Menu at 77 €

Foie Gras and pine,
honey apple, macadamia crumble
mango chutney, green curry coulis
Fried scallop,
cep, butternut cream, hazelnut and beard siphon
Truffle veal sweetbreads,
glazed salsify, Albufera sauce
Duck magret
orange carrots, parsnip and carrot cake
Goat's Cheesecake,
citrus fruit and lemon thyme
with a hint of Malt

Discovery Menu at 55 €

Smoked duck magret,
foie gras mousse, beer and peanuts
Red Mullet with truffles,
Jerusalem artichoke raviole, calamari and beef consommé
Lamb rack,
ceps, pumpkin and fried giblets
Banana declension,
coffee creams

Carte 2016

To start…

Smoked duck magret
foie gras mousse, beer and peanuts 28 €

Sea bed
venus clams, octopus carpaccio,
parsley sponge, garlic cream 28 €

mango chutney, green curry coulis 32 €

Pan fried Foie Gras
hibiscus tea, roast quince, pulled duck rillettes 30 €


Between Land…

Duck magret
orange carrots, parsnip and carrot cake 35 €

Australian Wagyu Beef
oyster cromesquis, watermelon radish with soya,
black garlic 37 €

Irish Lamb rack
ceps, pumpkin and fried giblets 36 €


...and Sea

Fried Scallops
ceps, butternut cream, hazelnuts and beard siphon 32 €

Red Mullet with truffles
Jerusalem artichoke ravioli, calamari
and beef consommé 30 €

Smoked “Omble Chevalier” fish
Grenobloise and rattes potatoes 31 €

Sweet collection

Banana declension
coffee creams 20 €

with a hint of Malt 20 €

Exotic sweetness
Piña Colada emulsion 20 €


Saint-Valentine menu

Saint-Valentin dinner
Served on the 13th of February 2016 besides the carte
and as a unique menu on the 14th of February 2016

Menu at 130 € for2 persons without the wine
Menu at 200 € for2 persons with 4 glasses of wine / person

Lovers Cocktail


Chicken ''Sot l'y laisse''
with corn

Flounder fillet
dried beef, lemon


Rhône-Alpes Veal
Albufera sauce, vitelottes potatoes,
and erinji mushrooms

Chocolate and blood orange
ginger notes

Sweet compositions

Our Clients opinion...

“Lived up to expectations”

5/5 stars : written the 16th of January 2015
(Tripadvisor of Sara kate W)

As a couple we had the €77 'degustation' menu, it was delicious! Served over about 2.5 hours, with very attentive service. There was a complementary wine menu for €35 which my partner had (I fancied cocktails, which were fantastic), and he said the wines perfectly matched the courses. The food is the quality you would expect for a Michelin starred restaurant and it's well worth budgeting for in your trip.



5/5 Stars: written the 8th of January 2015
(Tripadvisor of Fergosy, Royaume Uni)

One of, if not, the best meals I have ever enjoyed: the food and service were second to none from the big things to the small details.

The restaurant is located in the Hotel Chalet Mounier near the Venosc cable-car. Upon arrival, the receptionist showed me to the lounge bar where I was offered an aperitif and the server took my order. In a little while, I was taken through to the dining room.

Unfortunately, I was seated near a large family with a young teenager who was a little noisy; but this was the only small irritation of the evening. I had ordered the crab starter, itself excellent, and the sweetbreads for the main course which turned out to be one of my favourite dishes ever. The cheese board, or should I say the cheese table, followed: fantastic! All of this was supplemented with palate cleansers and wine recommended by the sommelier.

A special mention for the lovely and interesting accompaniments (including the flavour infused salt and butter made by the chef) not to mention the beautiful plates and cutlery.

You must eat here.


Our "Jardin" dishes are proposed in Summer

every day for lunch, next to the heated swimming pool

Tomato mozzarella, pesto, tapenade, balsamic, basil 15 €
Gaspacho, salad 13 €
Smoked salmon, lemon cream, radish, avocado, rocket 15 €
Ham / Melon, marinated melon, dry ham, Porto, mint 14 €
Clubs sandwich:Fresh ham or Salmon,freshly prepared vegetables 16 €

Risotto, summer truffles, parmesan 20 €
"Sot l'y laisse" (chicken), asparagus, shimejis, poached egg 15 €
Fried calamari, rocket, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, red onions 15 €

Plain / Rocket pesto / Carbonara / Bolognaise / Tomato 15 €

Shade fish, new potatoes, corn, oyster mushrooms, shallots, jus
"Omble chevalier", ratatouille, asparagus
"Féra", grenobloise sauce, Homemade fries or Vegetables 17 €
Seared Tuna with sesame, pak-choi, radish, soba noodles 20 €

Duck breast, french made peas 23 €
Pork cutlet, Homemade fries or Vegetables 23 €
Wagyu beef, celeriac gratin, carrots, chanterelles 30 €
Burger and fries, all homemade 20 €

Selection made by our "Fromager" expert MOF 2007 18 €

Parfait glacé, Tonka, Passion fruit 12 €
Strawberry 12 €
Vanilla Caramel Millefeuille 12 €
Chocolate texture 12 €
Gourmand Coffee 10 €
Gourmand Tee 13 €

Hotel Chalet Mounier Les 2 Alpes